Harvesting is the challenging art of picking just the ripest coffee cherries from the coffee trees, while making sure not to disturb any under-ripe cherries that have not yet developed their full flavor potential.

This attention to details requires concentration and commitment from our pickers. Because of the premium we receive from our Geisha coffees, we are able to pay our harvesters three times the standard price, ensuring that their livelihood is sustainable and their work is immaculate.

Careful harvesting is a critical step in producing high quality coffee with complex taste profiles. If beans are picked unripe their full potential will not be unlocked, and even a few beans can substantially affect the flavor profile of our microlots. This sensitivity  has become apparent to us thanks to our rigid lot separation, another aspect of our careful approach to harvesting. By carefully dividing each lot as it is picked, we can target specific clusters of trees and times of harvesting with high accuracy, allowing us to build unique microlots for our most quality-conscious buyers.